What Chewbacca Mom Teaches Us About Marketing “On The Internet Webs”

“It’s all love – it’s all love”

– Chewbacca Mom

Something amazing happened recently.  We ALL smiled, laughed and shared a moment with an enthusiastic mother parked in a Kohl’s parking lot.

This mother recorded the unwrapping and wearing of a Chewbacca mask she found hilarious when it activated the Star Wars star’s famous cry/yell/speech by opening the mask’s mouth.

This video was broadcasted live on Facebook and became wildly viral and over the course of a few days Chewbacca Mom was hailed as a social network sensation “on the internets webs.”

Why?  We see a ton of funny videos everyday – What made THIS one video special enough to cause reactions from over 136 million of us?

Answer – Chewbacca Mom fills essential voids in our human spirit we are too busy to experience first-hand.  Once we saw the video, we couldn’t help but join in on her fun and more importantly – share her joy with all our friends online.

So what marketing lessons can we learn from Chewbacca Mom to capture the hearts and mouths of our online audiences?


*Audience voids are different for each individual marketing strategy.

In this case, Chewbacca Mom filled 3 essential human voids – Honesty, Modesty and Confidence.

1. Honesty – Chewbacca Mom is real.  She fumbles the pronunciation of a word, and uses her own slang language (“on the internets webs”) to describe the internet.  She speaks to us like that cool, quirky, Phoebe-from-Friends friend providing comic relief in our serious, busy lives filled with corporate speak and polished appearances.

2. Modesty – Chewbacca Mom is humble.  She acknowledges viewer assumptions about the clothes she’s returning by pretending to be upset at being seen as overweight BUT quickly smiles and calms emotions over by saying, “It’s all love.  It’s all love.”  This single line is the hook which captures your trust and respect to continue watching.

3. Confidence – Chewbacca Mom does not have one drop of doubt and her only goal is to make you smile.  She enthusiastically speaks with conviction and her contagious, thunderous laughter firmly supports her personal belief, which is revealed at the end of the video, “It’s the little things that make life worthwhile.”  This is something we all know, but rarely have the time to experience.

Like an inspirational image or quote we all see on our Facebook feed, Chewbacca Mom taps into our hearts and fills voids dug by our busy lives.  With her honesty, modesty and confidence, she reminds us about life’s essentials like joy and patience and more importantly – makes us feel good about sharing that message with the world.

“It’s all love.  It’s all love.”