New York City Footage Digitally Altered to Look Like a Gorgeous Slow Moving Watercolor Painting

Filmmaker and VFX artist Danil Krivoruchko of Deep Flow Slow, has created the gorgeous short film“NYC Flow” for which he shot footage of different areas around New York City and processed it through a neural network algorithm to make it appear to be a beautiful watercolor painting that was moving and flowing in slow motion around the city.

The Origins of the Universe Get Remixed in this Short Animation | The Creators Project Digital artist Philat Matveev reflects on the world’s origins through an animated short film that acts as a visual interpretation of the first 50 chapters of the Bible to recount the story of how the earth was created.

The whole truth about Van Gogh’s ear, and why his ‘mad genius’ is a myth | Art and design | The Guardian A new exhibition at theVan Gogh Museum in Amsterdam questions what it sees as a romantic myth about the Dutch artist, who lethally shot himself in a cornfield at Auvers-sur-Oise in 1890.